Every Day is Grandparents' Day! book cover
Every Day is Grandparents’ Day! book cover


Every Day is Grandparents Day! The print copy is loaded with creative ideas, activities, recipes, and games that will make it easy for your grandchildren or children to put away their cell phones, tablets, and video games and hang out with the fun grandparents. Plenty of graphics are included with the activities which are fun and easy to do. Most need minimal supplies that are usually found in any household. Every Day is Grandparents Day! is organized by topic so you can hone in on which areas might be the most fun for you and your family. Although, you won’t want to miss out on learning something new from the other topics. Included topics are: In Motion, Musical, Crafty, Family, Kitchen Capers, Games, Hodgepodge, Into the Wild, Rainy Day, Places, and Science. Activities include Alphabet Anagrams, Park-a-Thon, From Here to There, Sing-a-Song, and Take Flight to name a few. Interspersed between each topic are bits of information about the status of grandparents and the part they play in the lives of their grandchildren and children. This book also contains all you need to know about celebrating Grandparents Day and every day with your grandchildren!

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