Not Tardy Artie

I decided to try responding to a writing prompt. Until just a few moments ago, I didn’t realize anything like that existed online or that it was geared towards writers/bloggers. Wait! What am I saying? Everything is on the Internet. If you can think it, it is somewhere on the Internet. Today’s writing prompt posted by is “tardy”. That’s it – just the word “tardy”.

When I think of tardy, being a writer focused on grandchildren, my first thought is, “How does this relate to my grandchildren.” We try our best to educate our children and/or grandchildren to walk the right path of being a good citizen and just plain old decent human being. Part of being a decent human being is being dependable. One aspect of being dependable is being timely. If you commit to being somewhere at a certain time or doing something within a certain time, you must adhere to that commitment. Don’t promise your mom that you will be home by 8 and then come walking in the door at 9. First of all, if you do that, you are likely to end up punished. Secondly, you may not be trusted again to do what you promise.

If you can’t understand why being tardy is not acceptable, try putting yourself in the other person’s place. Let’s say, you and your friend agreed to meet at the movie theater at 6:45 PM for a movie that started at 7:00 PM. Six forty-five rolls around and no friend. No biggie. You still have 15 minutes before the movie starts. Oh no, it’s 7 o’clock and still no friend. That’s ok. You’ll probably only miss the new movie trailers. It’s now 7:15. Do you go in without your friend or continue to wait in the lobby a bit longer and risk missing a significant portion of the movie? Might be a tough decision.

When it comes to being tardy, try to avoid it if at all possible. We know life happens and sometimes you can’t avoid being late. On that occasion, reach out and give a call to let the person know you will be late. We all want to develop a name for ourselves but I don’t think Tardy Artie is the name we want to develop.

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