And the Winner is…

I was having a conversation with one of my grandsons the other day. He was playing a new video game and had just progressed to the next level. I noticed the next level would require him to fight a female player. I said to him, “You will never be able to win this level.” He said, “Why not?” My response, “Because you are not allowed to hit a girl.” He said, “What?! That’s not true.” I explained to him that it was indeed true in real life. Men are never supposed to hit women.

After this brief conversation, I began to think about how many of our young men have never been told they should not hit women? How many of our young men have never been told to be kind to women? How many of our young men are not being taught how to act like gentlemen? So many of the niceties of life seem to be lost. I consider myself a modern woman; however, I still appreciate a man holding a door open for me or offering me his seat on the train.

Think about it. Our grandchildren spend a lot of time watching movies and videos and playing video games where they are constantly being shown images that are not necessarily in alignment with what our family values are. It is imperative that we share early and share often the values that are important to us. I am thankful for my husband who is daily trying to impress upon our grandson what it means to be a gentleman and decent human being. Every day brings a new revelation and a new challenge but like the video game characters, we keep coming back because we are in it to win it.

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