The Age of Technology

The other day, my eldest grandson mentioned that he wanted to call his cousins and video chat. His cousins live a few hours away and they don’t get together anywhere near enough. Of course, I said, “OK. Let’s give them a call.” Unfortunately, they weren’t at home and the call went unanswered. We went about our day.

A bit later, I was checking email and noticed that we’d received a response to our earlier attempt at chatting. My daughter messaged us that the kids would be available soon. My grandson noted the time stamp of the message and said, “That was 22 minutes ago! That means they should be ready now! He called again and they answered. Today was a Batman adventure day and both households had bat caves and various Batman figures. Catwoman was even purring around at some point.  It was hilarious watching them trying to shoot batarangs and batclaws through the computer.   I must tell you that watching those three boys play over the video chat was both entertaining and a bit sad.

I am glad that technology is such that these children have the opportunity to play this way because otherwise, they would have nothing. However, it would be nice if we were not so far apart in distance. I watched my children grow up living away from their cousins and even though we visited the family often, the connection was never as close as it was for those who lived in the same town.

As a child growing up, I had two sets of cousins who lived near me. One set, we didn’t play with because of adult family member views and the other set consisted of a boy and a girl who were much younger than I. I never really played with them but my sister did. The cousins who were my age lived over six hours away. We visited during the summers and the summers were a blast but the rest of the year we didn’t communicate.  However, when we got together each summer it was like I’d never left. Imagine if we’d lived closer together.

Which leads me back to, I am glad the boys have technology.   The video chat is better than the phone because they can see each other. The video chat is allowing them to strengthen their bond even though they are miles away. There is something about that cousin relationship. It can be almost as strong as that for brothers and sisters but nurturing helps.  I can’t wait to see how their relationship changes as they get older.

Note: I taught my grandson how to use the chat feature. This way, he can call his cousins whenever the mood hits him.

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